What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of PCB Assembly?

Bittele Electronics formulates the final price structure taking into consideration all the factors affecting the cost of PCB assembly. Many of the customers contact us to understand the elements affecting the cost. However, the factors leading to change in price are board size, component type, number of parts, soldering methods, inspection methods, etc.

There will be change in price due to the number of components and their types. The cost will vary depending upon the component type and technology chosen by the consumer. Other elements which may affect the cost are through-hole parts, surface-mount parts, fine pitch, leadless or BGA parts, etc.

Double-sided assembly leads to a considerable rise in cost due to a repetition of the complete process of placing the components on both sides of the circuit board. This process comprises of additional solder stencil making, SMT machine programming, etc. which may lead to increase the average assembly price. Nevertheless, we take into account all the elements and aim to offer the competitive prices along with lead-free assembly.

Our team will provide lead-free assembly strictly as per your specific instructions. We have two extra production lines for delivering this unique service. We use most recent soldering systems which are in compliance with RoHS guidelines. Though, the price may differ due to lead-free processing, but you can obtain complete cost details from our executives.

The PCB assembly price varies with the type and size of parts selected by the consumers. The cost may differ because of lead-less part type i.e. BGA, QFN, etc. Even the cost changes due to the package size such as 0201, 1206, etc and with the inspection techniques.

Multiple inspection techniques are applied to offer a better quality product. We use visual test for general quality check, X-ray inspection for leadless components and bare circuit boards, AOI testing to check solder paste, missing parts and their polarity, In-Circuit test, Functional test, etc. without charging any additional prices.


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