Circuit Boards in the Age of IOT (Internet of Things)

Wearable devices, industrial automation, smart home connectivity, and many more valuable modern technologies owe their recent advancement and success to the so-called “Internet of Things”, or IOT for short. This important technology is only becoming more prevalent by the year, so as a PCB design engineer, it is important to understand the specific requirements and considerations that most often apply to IOT devices during PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly. This article is intended to help you do just that. Armed with these handy tips, along with the help of Bittele’s highly adaptable and efficient PCB Assembly Process, you can expect to be ready for your first IOT PCB design project in no time.

Perhaps the most notable difference for IOT PCBs, compared to other types of devices, is their strict layout spacing restrictions. The electronics industry has been trending toward smaller and smaller devices for quite some time now, but IOT devices often take High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB design to a new level of sophistication. At Bittele we can accommodate your HDI designs with our capabilities for Blind and Buried Vias, including Microvias, as well as our high-precision 3/3 trace/space and tight PCB Part Spacing capacity. We can also work with small and Complex PCB Components, including μBGAs, and as small as 0201 Passive Component Sizes.

This talk of component packages brings us to another important aspect of IOT PCBs: in addition to smaller parts, these boards often require the newest and most sophisticated types of packages, which not every PCB service provider can either source or install. At Bittele Electronics, not only do we have the capability to provide High Quality PCB Assembly for all of your complex components, but we also offer a Complete PCB Assembly option where you can let our professional PCB Parts Procurement team handle the sourcing of those hard-to-find components on your behalf. With this service at your disposal, you never have to worry that you won’t be able to meet your requirements for services like BGA Assembly or POP Assembly. Bittele can provide the high quality assembly to match your high quality design.

The final piece of the IOT puzzle is the physical constitution of the PCB itself. Many clients working on IOT designs require High Speed PCB Materials to support the real-time processing of multiple signals, as well as reliable network connectivity. Clients working on wearable tech, particularly for medical applications, often require Flexible or Rigid-Flex PCBs. Impedance matching to an antenna is also crucial in many IOT projects, and Bittele’s PCB Impedance Control services can help to make sure you achieve that sweet spot of maximum power transfer.

If you still find yourself with any questions about Bittele’s capabilities, or to send in the PCB Design Files for your IOT project today, please feel free to Contact Us any time! You can reach us over email at, or call us toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.

Bittele is a full-service provider of low-cost Canada-Based PCB Assembly solutions. In business since 2003, we have established ourselves as a leader in the PCB production industry, and we offer a variety of tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


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