A Beginner’s Guide to Prototype PCB Assembly

It can be daunting to enter the world of professional PCB Fabrication and Prototype PCB Assembly. There are so many options out there for different processes and arrangements, and it can be hard to decide the best approach for your specific project, but this does not have to be the case! When you partner with Bittele Electronics, our dedicated PCB experts will work with you to find the best balance of Quality vs. Cost to suit your needs.

Bittele Electronics has been providing world-class PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly services since 2003, and we bring our experience to bear on each and every project. First of all, we highly recommend our One-Stop PCB Services, also known as ‘Turnkey’ service. If you select this option, we will handle every aspect of the PCB production internally; just send us your PCB Design Files, and we send back a fully functional PCB. This service includes DFM Checking, Parts Procurement, PCB Fabrication, Electrical Testing, DFA Checking, PCB Assembly, Final Inspection / Testing, and Shipping. This relieves you of the difficulty that can come from negotiating between multiple suppliers or shopping around for the best deals on components. We can handle everything on our end, and you end up saving both time and money; it’s a win-win!

As far as the actual specifications of the board itself, we provide a number of convenient PCB Options At A Standard Price for your convenience. These options cover the majority of projects, and only particularly complex or otherwise unique projects will require some additional cost for non-standard options. For more information about our specific capabilities and options, be sure to check out our DFM Guidelines and DFA Guidelines documents. If your design is still in the works, you can get an idea of how our pricing model works by using our PCB Fabrication Calculator and our PCB Assembly Calculator.

We understand that quality, lead time, and cost are all incredibly important for prototype projects, and that your PCB service provider can have a real effect on your business through any or all of these three cornerstones. We take that responsibility seriously at Bittele, which is why we adhere to strict North American Quality Management guidelines for continuous improvement. Through our years of experience in this industry, we have streamlined our production processes to allow for minimal lead time and cost while maintaining our benchmark level of quality. We accomplish this largely thanks to our incredible customer service team, who will consistently work to keep you in the loop throughout every stage of the PCB Assembly Process.

If you still find yourself with any questions about our PCB services, or to send in your files for a quotation, please feel free to Contact Us any time! We can be reached via email at sales@7pcb.com, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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