Printed Circuit Board Prototype

Prototyping is a crucial stage to your project’s development, and Bittele Electronics is here to help you along the way. We at Bittele consider a prototype to consist of a fabrication running less than 25 units. As an ISO-certified and IPC compliant company, Bittele Electronics holds quality to the highest standards. We specialize in producing inexpensive, high quality prototype PCBs. With the advantages of running our own production facility in Shenzhen, China, Bittele can offer the highest level of quality at an affordable price point.

We offer a variety of prototype solutions, from bare board services all the way to full turn-key prototypes. Our prototype services include: single and double sided FR4, rigid-flex and flex PCB’s, burn-in, metal core, blind/buried vias, and heavy copper. With the ability to produce circuit boards with up to 30 layers, we are capable of fabricating even the most complex circuit boards.

In an effort to minimize the needless expenditure of time and money, as well as the added stresses that accompany those expenditures, Bittele offers a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service. Our DFM service acts to confirm there will be no manufacturing issues with your project through utilization of a qualified engineering team. By authenticating project integrity prior to production, complications are eliminated quickly while removing the need for costly product rework.

To start the process, we will first analyze your design files. Files are preferred to be in Gerber RS-274X format. Providing your project name at this time will also help us provide you with a quote quickly. If you need your PCB populated with components, we will also require a Bill of Materials (BOM) alongside your design files. After your files are received, our specialists will work diligently to provide you with an official quote. Bittele preforms 100% Electrical Testing on all bare PCBs, following IPC-9252 specifications. Using an array of inspection and testing equipment, our design facility will ensure that your project is produced within specifications.

Having a prototype produced comes with a variety of benefits.

  1. Manufacturing a Prototype is a great way to test your design functionality, and to make revisions before entering a production run.
  2. Prototyping helps to eliminate failures early, and avoids the cost of a whole production run of faulty boards.
  3. Your prototype does not always need to fit the footprint of your finished product.
  4. Often a prototype is developed oversized, allowing for the addition of test points and other features that can be used to ease functionality testing.
  5. Once you have verified your design is sound, your prototype provides a solid foundation to rework into your final product.
  6. Having a functional prototype helps reduce risk for investors ultimately helping fund your project.

How to get an official quote before placing your order:

To get a PCB prototyping quote, send the following files to
  1. Gerber files
  2. Quantities to build