Turnkey PCB Assembly – The Solution for Your Prototype PCB Project

Bittele Electronics provides many types of quality-focused, professional PCB services for all types of projects, from Low Volume to Mid-Volume, including PCB Fabrication, Parts Management, and PCB Assembly. We have developed our business to fully serve the requirements of many different clients, but our specialty has always been in providing high-quality Turnkey Prototype PCB Assembly. We understand that new designs can be a challenge, so we have tailored our PCB Assembly Process to make sure we provide the best possible product in a straightforward and efficient manner.

Our prototype service is extremely flexible, allowing for orders from 1 to 25 boards at industry-leading fast turnaround times. We accomplish this level of service by analyzing each project individually and developing a custom solution that best fits your individual needs. Our assembly procedures allow for any mix of Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering, and Manual Assembly as required, all at top-notch workmanship standards. We can also handle additional requirements such as IC Programming at your request.

For prototype projects, quality is paramount. When you test your first few PCBs, you need to be sure that everything is functioning exactly as specified in your designs, and Bittele follows strict Quality Management guidelines for exactly this reason. Our facilities are fully ISO9001 Certified, and we include multiple stages of testing and verification at every step in our turnkey PCB processes. Testing procedures such as DFM Validation, Electrical Testing, multiple Visual Inspections, and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) are included by default on all of our turnkey PCB quotes, and we also offer more advanced methods such as X-Ray Inspection, In-Circuit Testing (ICT), and Functional Circuit Testing (FCT).

We also offer a hassle-free Parts Procurement service and a database of Free Passive Parts to relieve the stress of BOM management for our clients. Let our experienced purchasing team deal with component distributors and shipping companies so that you can focus on your design. We can help you to track down obsolete or hard-to-find parts, and we work with you to find substitutions when necessary. Your cost will be only the actual component costs from the BOM, with absolutely no markup or handling fee, so there is really no reason not to take advantage of this service!

At Bittele Electronics, we approach every new prototype project that comes our way with a healthy blend of enthusiasm and professional deliberation. If you have a new PCB project for us, please feel free to Contact Us any time with your questions, or send along your Design Files for an official quotation. We can be reached via email at sales@7pcb.com, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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