How to place a PCB Fabrication order online

Bittele Electronics welcomes you to try our new, state-of-the-art Online Ordering Engine. You can now place turnkey PCB fabrication and assembly orders faster than ever! You can complete all aspects of your ordering process (from fabrication quote through payment) in under 20 minutes while taking advantage of automatic discounts that are exclusive to this tool.

If you are interested in placing a PCB Fabrication order through our Online Ordering Engine at online quote, please see the below instructions:

1. Enter your Project Name, the number of PCBs and select the following services for your project:
    a. PCB Fabrication
a. Please note that for a “PCB Fabrication” order, no parts will be procured, and no assembly will be performed on this project. By also selecting “Parts Procurement” and “Assembly”, you can upgrade this project to a turnkey PCB assembly project. Our intuitive BOM pricing tool will quickly provide the lowest prices possible for your order.

2. Input PCB fabrication parameters into the online order engine.
a. The number of layers, via-in-pad treatment, and the use of black solder mask or silkscreen will impact the turn time for your project
b. Black solder mask/silkscreen takes an additional day for curing time
c. There is no cost difference associated with upgrading surface finish to Gold Immersion
d. We recommend Gold Immersion over Leadfree HASL as it is a higher quality surface finish as it is a higher quality finish at no additional cost
e. Options denoted with an * are not available through our online order engine. If these capabilities are required, please contact our sales team at; one of our sales representatives will be happy to provide a quotation for these services within 1 business day.

3. Upload Gerber files

4. After all files have been uploaded, select “Checkout” to confirm your order and proceed to the payment portal. Here you will also be asked to enter your shipping information.
Thank you for your time and your interest in our services! If you have any additional questions regarding our Online Ordering Engine, please contact our sales team via email at


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