Fine-Pitch Electronic Assembly

Bittele Electronics offers quality fine-pitch electronic assembly services. We can be easily located and our customers can contact us via different means of channels. Our qualified and experienced engineers are engaged to provide this core service. We work hard to accomplish our committed deadlines. We give the desired output with the help of our comprehensive capabilities.

Our team is well educated and capable of undertaking a number of activities. Our capabilities are:
  1. smallest package 0201
  2. fine pitch parts (pitch up to 8 mils)
  3. leadless components, ball grid array (BGA) and micro-ball grid array, package on package, etc.
We offer fine-pitch PCB assembly normally for prototype and low quantity orders. We also have a capability to cater to other quantities. You can get the details from our representatives. Our staff will be glad to serve you the additional needs.

So as to complete the order, we normally require 5% or 5 additional components for every order. Moreover, if you are interested to know further information with respect to accurate number of parts and the mode of shipment, our team will support and guide you through the entire process along with the details of inspection methods.

Numerous quality checking tools are used by our workforce to deliver enhanced quality fine-pitch assembly services. Visual assessment is used for standard quality test, automated optical inspection (AOI) for corroboration of lifted leads, insufficient solder joints, etc. We also follow x-ray inspection, sample check, functional test, In-circuit test, etc. All these methods are put to use to have an efficient fine-pitch assembly service.

Various latest available channels can be used to coordinate with Bittele’s staff. You can reach us for any minute issues and we will try to resolve your problems by giving appropriate solution. For any inquiries, please send an e-mail to


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