How Bittele’s Parts Procurement Policies Can Reduce Your Project’s Cost and Turn Time

As a part of our industry-leading Turnkey PCB Services, Bittele Electronics employs a professional Parts Management team in addition to our high quality PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly. Clients who take advantage of our turnkey service will have a dedicated team of specialists to handle procurement and management of their Bill of Materials (BoM). This means that our clients can avoid the time-consuming processes of shopping around to multiple vendors for the best price, and managing multiple shipments to ensure that everything arrives in a timely and organized manner. Not only can Bittele take care of all these concerns, but we can help to reduce both the cost and lead time of your project along the way!

We provide our parts procurement service at absolutely no additional cost, and with zero component price markup, and we ever offer Free Passive Parts from our personal stock. In many cases, production loss quantities are required for fragile parts, and Bittele handles this internally as a part of our turnkey service at no additional cost as well.

We source components only from the most reputable high quality vendors, such as Arrow Electronics, Avnet, DigiKey Electronics, Farnell, Future Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark, and Samtec. Bittele has long-standing relationships with all of Our Business Partners, which can help to get the best possible pricing for your parts. We also handle all of the logistics involved with shipping these parts to our assembly facilities, so you never have to worry about multiple shipping fees.

A large part of logistics is time management; the parts need to be at our facility as soon as the PCBs are ready for assembly in order to guarantee the shortest possible turn time. Bittele’s PCB Assembly Process has been honed over the years for exactly this purpose, and we work with our vendors to employ state-of-the-art inventory management systems so that we always know the status of your parts. We also employ a highly skilled Quality Management team to perform incoming material inspections on all components we receive, ensuring that we detect any incorrect or defective parts right away to minimize any impacts on turnaround time.

It is our goal at Bittele to make your PCB Assembly project as efficient and stress-free as possible, and our industry-leading turnkey service is our most powerful tool to accomplish that goal. Request Your Official PCB Assembly Quote today, and take advantage of the savings in both time and cost that our parts procurement service has to offer!

If you have any questions for Bittele about how this service works, or for any questions about your upcoming PCB project, please feel free to get in touch with us over email at, or call us toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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