Top 10 Reasons to Choose Bittele Electronics for Your PCB Project

With all of the different PCB service options available on the market today, you might wonder how to choose the one that’s right for you. At Bittele Electronics, we have worked for years to distinguish ourselves from the competition, and we continue to listen to our clients so that we can improve further each day. Listed here are ten of the most important advantages you receive when you choose to work with Bittele for your PCB project.

#1 – One-Stop PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly

The combination of PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly under one roof offers many important advantages. Bittele’s efficient PCB Assembly Process eliminates delay between the fabrication and assembly stages and ensures that your boards are specifically fabricated for easy and high-quality assembly. Quality assurance checks are built into every stage of the process to make sure that your project never runs into unexpected trouble further down the production pipeline.

#2 – Professional Parts Procurement

Bittele’s dedicated Parts Management team has years of experience in dealing with procurement and logistics of PCB components —experience that is ready to be placed at your disposal at absolutely no additional cost. With our team on the job, you never have to worry about delays due to parts shipping or import/export troubles, since these concerns will already be considered in the lead time you see on your quote. When you choose parts procurement services with Bittele, you can focus on your design without worrying about tracking every component on your board.

#3 – DFM & DFA Verification

When you choose a professional PCB service provider, your boards should always be 100% functional the first time. That’s why Bittele includes Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) verification with each and every order. Our no-cost DFM Checking services ensure that your design matches with our production capabilities at every stage of the PCB assembly process. We can help to catch any ambiguities or errors in your Gerber files before it’s too late, to make sure your project gets done on time, every time.

#4 – Extensive Testing Options

Even with the design fully verified, it is vital to make sure that PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly proceed properly at every stage. Bittele Electronics offers a wide variety of testing and verification methods for just that reason. Not only do we include methods such as multi-stage 100% Visual Inspections and PCB Electrical Testing with every order, but we also offer many advanced testing methods, such as X-Ray Inspection, AOI Testing, In-Circuit Testing, and Functional Circuit Testing. With these techniques at your disposal, you can rest assured that your boards will work according to plan every time.

#5 – Quality Guarantee

The verification and testing methods mentioned above allow Bittele to offer our clients a full quality guarantee. We are always focused on getting your order right the first time, but if it ever does happen that we make a mistake on your project, we provide a full warranty on every PCB. Our PCB RMA Process is straightforward and client focused —as soon as you note an error, we will get to work on correcting it as quickly as possible at no additional cost.

#6 – Fast Turnaround

Through years of experience in providing PCB services, Bittele’s process engineering team has fine-tuned our workflow to allow for maximum efficiency without compromising on our core value of top-quality production. Bare PCBs can be fabricated and delivered in as little as 4 days, depending upon the design in question, and PCB Assembly can be accomplished in as little as 1 – 2 days with our expedited assembly options.

#7 – Cost-Free Services

In order to make the quotation process as straightforward as possible for our clients, Bittele offers many PCB Options at a Standard Price. Properties such as Copper Weight, Surface Finish, Solder Mask Colour, and Silkscreen are offered with multiple options at no additional cost. We also provide services such as parts procurement and advanced PCB samples for your convenience.

#8 – Industry-Leading Capabilities

The electronics industry is constantly evolving, but Bittele Electronics always stays ahead of the curve with leading-edge to support your new technologies. From the fabrication of Flexible Circuit Boards for wearable devices to our assembly capabilities for Complex Packages like µBGA and POP (Part-on Part) Assembly technology, Bittele is always ready to work with you on new and exciting projects.

#9 – Both Local & Overseas Advantages

It can be difficult to weigh the pros and cons of local versus overseas manufacturing, but when you choose Bittele Electronics you get all the advantages of both. Get the fast turnaround and low cost of our facility in Shenzhen, and take advantage of ease in communication, shipping, and import/export with our facility in Toronto. Feel free to choose between our assembly lines based on your specific needs for each project or each run, and rest assured that you can receive the same high standards of quality with either option.

#10 – Dedicated Customer Service Experts

When you place an order with Bittele Electronics, you are always assigned a dedicated account manager who is responsible for following your order from initial quotation to final delivery. This means you always have one easy point of contact to answer any questions you might have at any stage in the production process. We understand that even the best PCB production technology can only perform at its best with a great team behind it, so we make sure that our PCB Customer Service Experts are available to help whenever you need it.


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