Small volume printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing services in china

Bittele Electronics undertakes functions for offering small volume printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing services in China. We are mainly preferred electronic contract manufacturer and our clients can conveniently contact us as most of them in China concentrate on large volume production. In recent years, there has been increase in demand for low volume so as to obtain first preference for small volume circuit board manufacturing; hence we created unique capabilities for catering these services.

We are generally capable of manufacturing from one layer PCB to multilayer as per customer specific board types like FR4, High TG FR-4, Rogers. Unlike other contract manufacturers, we are even capable of manufacturing Maximum Panel/Board size 19.7” X 31.5”, PCB Thickness 8mil to 240mil, Minimum Track Width & spacing 3mil, Controlled impedance, smallest drill Hole 6mil, etc. We begin with PCB manufacturing on the basis of the files received and on verification of the details given by the customers.

To offer low quantity PCB fabrication, we require Gerber files in RS-274X, RS-274D and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG formats and specific instructions if any. On receipt of the required files from customers, our team checks for Design for manufacturing (DFM) and Design for testing (DFT). Additionally, we handle panelizing as per the client’s specs for the small volume PCBs to lower the end costs through our production facility in Shenzhen, China.

We have built our production facility in China, so that you can easily provide all the mandatory details for quality low volume production. We facilitate our clients by catering small volume circuit board fabrication services at good quality, competitive rate and reduced transportation time with an effective communication.

Coordination in China sometimes becomes difficult as most of them converse in local language. So to overcome this difficulty, we have started training our workforce to converse in Chinese, English and other languages for better communication and enhancing good relations with customers along with adoption of modern quality inspection techniques. In order to address the quality concerns of our clients in China, we have adopted various quality inspection methods such as Electrical testing, Visual inspection, sample lot inspection, cross sectioning etc. to check the faults in manufacturing along with providing descent turn time for small volume in China.

The typical turn time offered by us for small run manufacturing services is 5 to 10 days in China. In order to meet the fast lead time, we have built a fully qualified PCB manufacturing facility which enabled us to provide fabrication services as quickly as in 24 hours and with high quality compare to other PCB manufacturers. You can get the low volume circuit board fabrication prices from our instant PCB quote calculator. However as an example our prices for small quantity PCB manufacturing is: PCB size 1.89 inch x 1.96 inch, Double sided PTH board, Material FR4, Thickness 0.062”, Finished Copper 1oz, Solder mask Green – Both sides, Silk screen White – Both sides, Surface Finish ENIG for Board Quantity 35, the rate is $ 202.14 in China for 5 days turn time.

Bittele can provide low-cost PCB manufacturing of the highest quality even for small volume manufacturing. We operate on tight deadlines as per the customer specifications. For any additional information regarding low quantity manufacturing, you can email us on our official email address


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