Where to Have Your PCB Designs Built and Manufactured?

Bittele Electronics has the capabilities to build and manufacture your PCB designs with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We can build and manufacture PCBs in one location, and we are capable of working with a variety of designs, no matter how complex. Most of Bittele’s customers contact us because we can provide both of these services at a competitive cost for both large production runs and small runs for prototype PCBs.

We are specialists in building and manufacturing prototype PCBs in small and medium quantities. But if you desire high-volume PCB production runs with special requirements, we can easily fulfill your requirements since we have a broad range of capabilities. We can fabricate your PCB such that it comprises a maximum board size of 19.7” x 31.5”, the lowest drill size 6mil, various surface finishes, a minimum track width 3mil, and a minimum track spacing 3mil. Diverse board colors are available in addition to silkscreen layer colors such as white or other colors as per your request.

Additionally, we can assemble the circuit board with the help of our qualified technical engineers who are capable of mixed technology (THT and SMT), two-sided mixed technology, package sizes as small as 0201, fine pitch components (pitch up to 8 mils), leadless components, maximum BGA size 45mm, etc., at our production plant in China. We have a production house in Shenzhen, China with a staff of 320 workers for PCB fabrication and 110 workers for PCB assembly activities. We can also be contacted at our main headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

We have accounts with the major worldwide courier delivery agencies such as UPS, Fedex, etc. which can be used by our customers for shipping the parts to our office. Most of the time, our charges are inclusive of shipping cost, leading to affordable end pricing for the customers.

Bittele employs QA testing and equipment for quality inspection such as E-Test, automated optical inspection (AOI), X-Ray inspection etc. besides providing quick price computation support to our customers.

To obtain the best price for your PCB, we have an online PCB assembly quote calculator and PCB fabrication price estimator on our website. These tools help to create a fast quotation estimate, requiring only a few basic details for the project. You can obtain your official estimate by forwarding the obligatory information i.e. no. of PCBs, Gerber files, BOM, assembly files, any special specifications, etc. via our website using the contact page.

You can seamlessly coordinate with our team by using any of the available channels of communication. Our staff will gladly resolve your concerns and will also provide you with the estimated lead times.

Bittele’s turnaround times are the most competitive in the industry compared to other turnkey PCB assembly houses. We can complete a rush order as quickly as 24 hours, deliver standard prototype in 5 business days and normal production in 10 days for fabrication and assembling of the circuit board. If you have any unique requirement for lead time, get in touch with our team on sales@7pcb.com and we will be glad to resolve your issues.


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