Small run Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services in China

To meet increasing customer demands, Bittele Electronics provides small run PCB assembly services in China. Many electronic companies, design engineering groups contact us for high-quality and low volume circuit board assembly services in China to have a cost benefit in comparison to other countries. Unlike other contract manufacturers, we offer small quantity assembly services in China, to meet the escalating orders of our end buyers.

Bittele has production plant in Shenzhen, China to give the most affordable services to our customers. We have qualified and knowledgeable engineers engaged for circuit board assembly. The team ensures that the small run production is met with all necessary specifications and at cheaper rates.

Pricing would mainly depend on technology of components used on the circuit board. However the availability of expert labor at reasonable rates in China and with in-house assembly facility allowed us to provide end product at competitive rate with tight lead-times.

Our lead-time for small quantity assembly is as short as 24 hours on the availability of all parts and components. Even if it is low quantity, we make sure that standard PCB assembly process including set up, SMT machine programming, thermal profile settings, etc. is followed. In order to serve our consumers better, we have invested in training our staff to improve their expertise in communication.

As most of the people in China converse in local language it becomes difficult to make negotiations. However, to overcome this obstacle we trained our workforce to converse in Chinese, English and other local languages to ensure better coordination with our buyers. This also led to avoid any misinterpretation of the orders and deliver desired product. Also, many customers get answers to most of their questions regarding their partial or full turn-key PCB assembly orders. We even give turn-key circuit assembly services for low volume. Though it’s a time consuming activity of coordination with multiple vendors and ordering the parts for small quantity order, still to satisfy our customers we give this service. On receipt of the shipment, we conduct quality inspection of parts to verify the materials are in compliance with standard good quality and meet the customer specific requirements.

We ensure that there is no compromise on quality and inspection steps for low volume PCB assembly. We possess numerous advanced test equipments and apply AOI Testing, X-ray inspection for finished PCB assembly for small run production. Bittele Electronics is specialized in providing low volume PCB assembly services in China. In addition, we have an instant online quote tool for PCB assembly which helps customers to obtain an accurate price.


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