Dealing With Part Availability Issues - How We Can Help

It is common for parts to have a constantly fluctuating stock which can sometimes cause potential delays for an order as stock issues arise. At Bittele we aim to help minimize this effect by offering our free passive parts program. This service is only available to full turnkey orders which include our high quality PCB fabrication, assembly and parts procurement.

When a full turnkey order request is made, we are able to review your BOM, pick out all passive resistors and capacitors and check our stock to see if we have any similar parts to the original ones listed on your BOM. If we find a match, we update your BOM to include this part as free and when the quote is sent, the BOM is also sent to you for review and confirmation of the free parts. Once the parts have been confirmed, we will use them instead to save you money on your BOM expenses. This service is completely free for all Turnkey clients.

Alternatively, clients may choose to build their BOMs around our free passive parts list which can be found here: Bittele’s Free Passive Parts List. Using this method will save time because we won’t have to contact you after the fact to verify if the parts that we had selected are OK to be used. Any part used from this list will be free of charge and the stock is updated frequently. All of our passive parts are high quality Murata/Vishay parts and are RoHS compliant.

Once an order has been placed, our parts procurement team will begin working on sourcing your parts. We have a dedicated parts procurement team and we purchase from a variety of high quality, authorized distributors to find stock for you. We aim to find and fix all stock issues before the order is placed. If after the order is placed there still remains any issues, a “Stock Issue” email will be sent directly to you to address it. At this point, we may propose an alternate P/N for your approval, or ask you to provide your further feedback on the stock issue. This process continues until all BOM issues have been addressed and all parts can be purchased.

We also offer the option of stocking parts at our facility for your future use. In cases where hard to source or near obsolete parts are required for your order, clients may choose to purchase additional stock, and have it stored at our facilities for future orders. We also have a team that can source parts locally in China directly from the manufacturers if certain parts are not available from North American vendors.


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