Circuit Card Assembly Services in Calgary

In order to provide the best possible customer service, Bittele Electronics provides PCB assembly services in Calgary. Through our persistence, capabilities and hard work, we have built strong and long lasting relationships with many customers in Calgary. They contact us to obtain the high quality and low cost prototype and small volume circuit board assembly services Bittele specializes in providing. Since Calgary is close to the Bittele office in Toronto, we can quickly respond to our customer needs with swift communication.

We are able to serve our customers’ needs due to our wide range of expert capabilities. We have a knowledgeable team who can provide electronic board assembly services in Calgary. Our experts are highly competent in circuit board assembly, including through-hole, surface-mount, mixed technology, 2-sided mixed technology, 2-sided surface mount, 0201 size or bigger size, high density pin connectors, fine pitch parts (pitch up to 8 mils), leadless components, BGAs, Micro-BGAs, package on package, etc.

In general, we provide PCB assembly services for prototype to low quantity orders. If you have needs other than our standard service offerings or turn times, you can contact our customer service representatives to discuss your special needs and how we can provide solutions for them. We offer different lead time options for prototype orders. We can complete them in as fast as 24 hours; however, the usual turn time for prototype PCB assembly in Calgary is 1 to 5 days, depending on when the parts are received at our office.

Our circuit board assembly plants utilize the most advanced technology in use today. We accept parts in tube, trays, reels, cut tape, and have a mechanical system for the automatic feeding of loose components. Since shipping costs are low, customers can easily send parts to our office.

The assembled PCBs are shipped directly to you from our production plant in China. To ensure the efficient and successful delivery of the boards, our dedicated staff uses various ways to communicate with you. We schedule online teleconferences with you to verify the circuit board assembly and discuss any possible modifications. We also use phone, email or fax to communicate with you regarding any assembly problems as well as to provide price estimates.

To estimate assembly costs, you can use our instant online quote tool for PCB assembly. This tool is easy to use. You need only input a few mandatory variable to quickly generate a cost estimate for PCB assembly. To obtain an official quote, send us the requisite files such as BOM, Gerber files, circuit board quantity, etc. to After examining these files, we will send you an official quote within 24 hours.


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