LED Printed Circuit Boards

LED lighting is a rapidly expanding industry that offers an efficient and low-cost alternative to conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting methods. Bittele Electronics provides High-Quality PCB Assembly for all types of industries, including considerable experience in PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly for LED lighting in particular. Compared to other PCB Assembly projects, boards for LED lighting might seem relatively straightforward at first glance, but these projects do come with their own specific complications.

Though LED lighting is known for consuming less power and emitting less heat than alternative lighting methods, these devices still dissipate a significant amount of heat compared to other PCBs. Thermal management is crucial in LED lighting devices, as the performance of an LED lighting system is directly related to the operational temperature. The importance of temperature in these devices means that PCB layout designers for LED lighting devices must carefully consider the base PCB Material for their projects. The table below shows Bittele’s standard PCB material options for FR-4 style substrates:

material selection

For the purposes of temperature requirement, you should note the Tg values in the top row of the table above, which refer to the “Glass Transition Temperature” of the substrate. Since we use Reflow Soldering for a majority of our PCB Assembly projects, our standard PCB material is fairly high in terms of its Tg value, so you will not likely have to worry about damaging the material via heat.

The greater concern in many cases will be the thermal conductivity of the material, in which case we can offer Metal-Core PCBs for maximum heat transfer capability. Metal-Core PCBs can provide through-plane thermal conductivity of 1.0 to 3.0 W/m∙K, constituting nearly a tenfold increase over standard FR4-type laminate materials. Please note that Metal-Core PCBs are slightly more expensive on average than equivalent FR4 boards, so it might be beneficial to order a small batch of each type for testing before you order your main production run.

Our years of experience in the industry, coupled with our options in High-Temperature PCB Materials, makes Bittele Electronics the ideal partner for your LED Printed Circuit Board project. If you have any questions for us regarding your specific project, or send in your PCB Design Files and get your boards started today, simply Contact Us any time at sales@7pcb.com.


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