How Bittele helps improve your Time to Market

Bittele Electronics knows how important it is to get your product to market as quickly as possible, and specializes in helping our clients get their prototyping done quickly and efficiently. We take a variety of steps to help our clients get their prototyping done sooner so that they can, in turn, move onto production sooner. We offer free services, such as our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checking, free passive parts and are experts in maintaining clear communication with our clients regarding the status of their projects at any time. We ship all of our orders via FedEx international Priority, to ensure our clients receive their boards as soon as possible.

Free DFM Checks

Our free DFM checking helps to pinpoint problem or potential problems that may arise concerning any given project. It is an important part for any PCB fabrication and PCB assembly project. To serve our clients better, we have prepared comprehensive DFM Guidelines and DFA (Design for Assembly) guidelines. As soon as your order is released, or specialists will review your files for any manufacturability issues. This includes comparing the datasheets from the parts on your BOM to the footprint in the Gerber files, as well as confirming there will be no manufacturability issues with our process.

Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototyping is an essential part of getting your design finalized and your project to market as soon as possible. Bittele Electronics specializes in fast and affordable Prototype PCB Assembly. We offer our full turnkey service with an MOQ of just 5 assembled boards. Our prototype services still include our DFM check as well as a large array of fabrication and assembly options to best suite your needs. We understand that cost is a key factor in the prototyping stage, and offer prototype services from PCB Fabrication only, consigned BOM Turnkey services, as well as our affordable full Turnkey services.

Moving to production

Once a project has completed the initial DFM checking, all repeat orders of the same project will not have to go through the process again. This helps to save time when moving to production. For large, production orders of a verified board design, we do have options to help ensure your production order is done in a timely manner while still maintaining our high-quality standards. We offer a free sample service for production runs so that you may confirm the assembled quality before proceeding with the main run. Generally, all PCB fabrication will be done at once, while we maintain the option of assembling and shipping out a smaller sample size (5-10 boards) for clients to test and verify before giving us the go-ahead to assemble and ship the rest of the boards. The DFM checks are completed before the sample boards are assembled, ensuring a smooth transition into assembling the remaining boards. Our typical timeline for assembling and shipping the remaining boards is about a week from the time the sample boards are completed. This time may vary depending on the difficulty of assembly for the board and/or the quantity of boards remaining.

Free Passive Parts

Bittele also offers our free passive parts options for all full turnkey orders. With this option, clients are able to view our free passive parts database and select resistors and/or capacitors that may replace equivalent ones relative to their projects. This helps both lower the over cost of the projects and helps to speed up our parts procurement as we already have the parts in stock in our warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

Expedited Turntimes

For clients in a real rush, we do also offer expedited turn times for certain projects. Depending on the complexity and quantity of boards, we are able to reduce your turn time for an additional cost. A typical expedited example of a simple, full turnkey, 2 layered board would be a reduction from our standard 14-day turnaround to around a 7-day turn time. For more information on how to expedite your order, please see our article "PCB & Assembly Turn Time - How to Expedite Your Order" .


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