BGA and QFN Reworking – Handling Accurate SMT Placement

As pin counts for complex BGA and QFN style packages grow higher each year, accurate placement of these parts becomes increasingly critical. At Bittele Electronics, we employ a number of sophisticated strategies in PCB Assembly and Quality Control to ensure our clients’ BGA and QFN parts are fully functional. In some cases, clients come to us with rework requests for non-functional boards that incorporate BGA or QFN parts, and we are happy to be able to offer this service.

Bittele can provide standard BGA Rework, where we will remove and re-solder or remove and replace the defective packages, and also BGA Reballing, where the package itself requires some rework attention.

For any orders that include these sorts of Complex Parts with no component leads, Bittele’s quality control engineers will conduct X-Ray Inspection immediately after the parts are assembled. This is true for rework orders and also for Bittele’s standard Turnkey PCB Assembly Process. Not only does X-Ray Inspection allow us to detect any faults that might be present, but it also helps in determining the root cause of those faults so that the PCB Assembly process can be adjusted accordingly.

For a quote on your BGA / QFN project, we will just need some details about the parts in question, usually sent via a Bill of Materials, and the Gerber or ODB++ files for the PCB in question. Whether you require rework, reballing, or initial assembly, you can Contact Us any time over email at, or toll free at 1-888-812-1949.


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