Bittele’s Order Quantities

Bittele Electronics is able to accommodate a wide range of board quantities to support our client's needs.

For Bare PCB Fabrication, our MOQ is only 1 piece. For Turnkey orders including Parts Procurement and Assembly, our MOQ is 5 pieces, however, we do understand that some projects may be very complicated, possibly due to large board sizes or complicated assembly requirements. Things such as expensive BOM parts or complicated board assembly requirements may allow us to reduce our minimum order quantity upon review. Bittele Electronics offers competitive pricing for both Prototype (1-24 pieces) and Production (25-10,000 pieces) orders. Our convenient PCB Fabrication Calculator and PCB Assembly Calculator allow our clients to explore which quantitates will work best for them based on their projects specifications.

Something to also consider along with the Fabrication and Assembly cost is the Parts Procurement cost. Bittele Electronics offers clients direct pricing from authorized North American Vendors at no additional markup. The large majority of components will have price breaks at 10, 100, 500, and 1000 pieces, as well as additional price breaks for full reels. Basing your order quantity around these component price breaks will help to reduce the BOM cost.


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