BGA (Ball Grid Array) reballing services in Canada

Bittele Electronics with its specialized know-how offers BGA (Ball Grid Array) reballing services in Canada. Generally, the buyer’s contact us when there is an intention to reuse same BGA components. In BGA reballing services, the solder balls should be replaced prior to re-soldering on the PCB. This process is also utilized on availability of parts having lead-free solder balls. We undertake rework of the BGA package to rectify component defects, SMT defects and other functional issues. Our team normally begins the reballing process by eliminating the existing solder balls and making the surface clean. Making use of soldering iron with a blade tip attached is the technique applied by our engineers for taking out the solder balls.

Various systems are available in the market for reballing of BGA components. We utilize sophisticated techniques which are used to direct heat under the package or also enable to direct hot gas above the package. The most common feature of all BGA reballing tools is heating back-side. We also make use of some systems which try to backside heat with local hot gas at the rear of the package which is to be reballed, resulting in high circuit board warpage during processing, particularly when the PCB is too big and can be further inspected by necessary quality checking tools.

We apply thermal profile which is the major activity in the BGA assembly process. Our workforce ensures that there is accurate analysis for circuit board files and the BGA datasheets to make the correct thermal profile for BGA reballing. In order to have a well-organized inline control, we make use of AXI (automatic X-ray inspection) systems to detect soldering defects like poor soldering, bridging, voiding and missing parts. Additionally, there is usage of High tech equipment and trained labor to reliably solder BGA packages which in turn sometimes lead to significant rise in the prices for BGA reballing. You can get the BGA reballing cost from our representative by contacting on our company address by providing the necessary BGA specifications.

Bittele Electronics has state-of-art BGA placement equipment, accurate BGA assembly processes and X-ray test equipment to provide superior quality BGA PCB assembling. Our expert technicians implement 2D X-rays to give 3D images in order to check problems such as PCB broken vias in inner layers and BGA balls’ cold solder. If you need to know any details with respect to quality methods or have concerns, get in touch on


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