How much does Automated PCB Assembly Cost?

Bittele Electronics offers reasonable prices for automated surface mount PCB assembly services. So the majority of customers contact us and enquire how much does automated SMT PCB assembly cost.

We continuously upgrade our pricing model and try to offer cost-effective automated surface mount assembly services. We calculate the price by considering various important elements such as solder stencil making, pick-and-place SMT machine programming, process of reflow soldering, cleanup of solder flux, type of quality inspection methods, labor charges, etc. The automated SMT assembly price varies as per bill of materials (BOM) lines and component types.

Although the majority of factors are taken into account while computing the automated SMT assembly price, the fine rate depends on the number of BOM lines. If there are more BOM lines, then more parts need to be placed on the PCB, which requires more process time, which can increase the cost of assembly.

Many times Bittele’s automated assembly price differs with the type and size of components selected. For example, lead-less components such as QFN, BGA can increase the costs. Also, the package sizes such as 0201, 1206 can change the price.

Double-sided automated SMT assembly leads to a considerable increase in rates due to duplication of the whole process of placing the components on both sides of the circuit board. These processes involve additional solder stencil making, SMT machine programming resulting in changes to the average assembly price. However, we appropriately structured our prices to ensure the most economical costs for our buyers, even for lead-free assembly.

The lead-free automated assembly process begins with our team of professionals assembling your PCBs as per your unique requirements. Bittele’s engineers use the latest computerized assembly techniques to ensure a superior final assembly. There may be variations in price due to lead-free processing. Please contact our associates to obtain the most accurate pricing details.

To obtain a quick price quote, we have provided online a PCB assembly quote generator on our website. This tool helps to generate instant cost by inputting data in few compulsory fields. For any other questions, please email us at


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