What happens if the PCB specs you enter are incorrect?

Bittele Electronics welcomes you to try our new, state-of-the-art Online Ordering Engine. You can now place turnkey PCB fabrication and assembly orders faster than ever! You can complete all aspects of your ordering process (from fabrication quote through payment) in under 20 minutes while taking advantage of automatic discounts that are exclusive to this tool. Our BOM pricing tool will provide the lowest prices possible for your order.

One of our most frequently asked questions regarding our online order engine is, “What happens if the parameters I enter are wrong?

We have taken these concerns into account with the hopes to eliminate delays to your orders placed online do to something as trivial as a typo. After your payment is placed, our Online Order Verification Team will manually review your Gerber files, Bill-of-Materials and any fabrication or assembly notes to confirm that there are no discrepancies between the files and the parameters entered into the online ordering engine. If there are no discrepancies, your order will be released to our production team. If there are any discrepancies, we will send you a corrective action email indicating the difference in cost based on these discrepancies.

what happens if the pcb specs you enter are incorrect
The email will include a link to our corrective action portal. Here, you will have the option to:
A) Accept the change in price and submit payment (or accept partial refund)
B) Reupload your Gerber files for another review
C) Cancel the order for a full refund

what happens if the pcb specs you enter are incorrect
If you decide to accept the price difference, your order will be released to production as soon as this additional payment is placed (or your partial refund is accepted). If you choose to re-upload your Gerber files, our Online Order Verification Team will review your project again before releasing it to production. Cancelling your order will automatically refund you your initial payment and cancel the production of this item.

The goal of our online ordering engine is to make our turnkey PCB assembly services as accessible as possible. If you have any additional questions about our online ordering engine, please contact our sales team via email at sales@7pcb.com.


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