Tips and Tricks for the Online Ordering System

Bittele Electronics offers a recently improved Online Ordering System. There are a few tips and tricks that Bittele wants to show you to get the best experience in our improved online ordering system. A well-developed online ordering system ensures you are provided with the most reliable and flexible options to fulfill all your needs. The tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you get the best of our online ordering system.

The online ordering system has a broad list of features that you can benefit from. For instance, the ordering engine allows you to quote, organize, save, and review your projects. By creating an account you will have access to all the features listed down below.

Quote: Once your project (PCB Fabrication, Parts Procurement and/or Assembly) is created and contains all the necessary specs and requirements, you can click on Cart > Download Quote and then select the quantities you want to quote for.

tips and tricks for the online ordering tips and tricks for the online ordering

Organize: The specs, requirements and quantity listed in your project can be changed by clicking on process beside the process you would like to edit.
tips and tricks for the online ordering
Save: You can save a project by clicking on Cart > Save for Later. The items that you save for later do not affect the cart total and will not be checked out. If you would like to put your project inside your cart for checkout, you can click on Move to Cart.
tips and tricks for the online ordering tips and tricks for the online ordering

Review: You can review your projects before checkout by clicking on View Details. Once you clicked on the View Details option, a new window will pop up with a detailed list of your project specifications and requirements.
tips and tricks for the online ordering


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