The Problems With Partial Part Numbers

The importance of specific component selection is too often overlooked by clients preparing a PCB Assembly project. Design and layout of the board itself are of course very demanding tasks, but it is important to pay some attention to the actual parts that will be soldered to that new board of yours. Projects with a lot of component issues will often run up against delay or additional cost, disrupting the efficiency of the PCB Assembly Process, and complicating the experience for all parties involved.

At Bittele Electronics, we have years of experience working in Parts Management, and we are ready to help you ensure that your PCB Assembly project is fully optimized. One of the Most Common PCB Component Issues we see at Bittele is the Partial Part Number. This requires some back-and-forth to sort out exactly what model should be purchased. For example:

GRM0335C1E101 – Refers to a family of capacitors by Murata Electronics
GRM0335C1E101JA01D – Refers to a specific capacitor

Even if our vendor search for the partial part number turns up only one result, we still have to request your confirmation in order to purchase a different part number than the exact one listed on your Bill Of Materials (BOM); orders with multiple partial part numbers can see some significant delay. Bittele’s parts procurement team is very adept at catching these sorts of errors early, but with less Customer Focused PCB Service providers, you might end up with an incompatible part for your project!

Some clients choose to add a “Substitute Part Number” column to their BOM, which can be used to list multiple pre-approved family variants, or approve a family of parts. For the example above, you could include a note saying “Any suffix for GRM0335C1E101 is okay”. Also, be sure to check out our database of Free Passive Parts, available for all Complete PCB Assembly orders.

If you find yourself with any further questions about our policies around electronic components, please feel free to Contact Us any time. We can be reached via email at, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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