How to place a repeat order?

Bittele's Online Ordering system is a great tool for placing prototype to mid-volume production orders.

In addition to being extremely effective and allowing users to get automated quotes in under 20 minutes for turn-key orders, it also has a 'Repeat Order' feature that clients can use to place a repeat order in under 10 minutes.

This feature can be used by simply logging into your account, navigating to 'Order history', and clicking on 'Repeat Order'. The website will ask you for the new quantity and requote accordingly.

One important detail to note is that by definition, Bittele considers a repeat order to be identical to the last build ordered, thus not allowing any changes to the Gerber files or Bill of Materials.

We understand, however, that in some cases, it might be beneficial for clients to treat a new build as a repeated order if the changes made are subtle and minor to the design's functionality.

While a user won't be able to make any changes to the files initially submitted for an online order when placing a repeat order, updated Gerber files and BOM can be submitted via email to the order's project coordinator upon the order's release to production.

Please note that these changes are subject to verification from our production team and are approved on a case-by-case basis. If substantial changes or updates are required for your project, it is strongly recommended that you place a brand new order and refer to your previous order under the special requirements section.

As a final remark, please note that any discrepancies found the first time an order is placed will remain unchanged for future repeated iterations since the files and specs entered by the user do not get modified or updated; therefore, if a price adjustment through our corrective action method was required to release the first build, the same will apply for any future iterations as well. (For more information on how corrective actions work, please visit our dedicated article for online order's corrective actions)


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