Circuit Board Assembly for Medical Equipment

PCB Assembly for Medical Equipment PCBs are very common in the medical industry. They are found in a variety of medical devices, including Ventilators, CT scans, Heart monitoring Equipment, Imaging equipment, Pacemakers, and Muscle simulation Equipment. Bittele is very well experienced with fabricating and assembling boards that go into the medial industry.

HDI Boards and Rigid-Flex boards

For small devices like pacemakers, it is common to have them fabricated as HDI PCBs. HDI PCBs are printed circuit boards with much higher wiring and pad connection density than a traditional PCB. HDI PCBs are characterized by finer lines, closer spaces, smaller capture pads, and Micro-Vias.

Another common requirement for some medical boards is their need to be fabricated with Rigid-Flex material as opposed to standard Rigid FR4 Material. a Rigid-Flex PCB describes a standard rigid board of FR-4 or other standard PCB Laminate Material, which is attached during the PCB Assembly Process to a thin, flexible PCB of R-F775 material. This flexible portion can be used to connect the main rigid PCB to other rigid “daughter boards” during the PCB Assembly Process, to connect into another device entirely post-production, or sometimes simply to satisfy space or shape constraints. This is commonly found in wearable Medical equipment.

IPC Class 3

To offer a high degree of assurance, it is common to have medical PCB boards fabricated as per IPC class 3 specifications. This class of specifications has more strict tolerances on the material qualifications, assembly inspection procedures, and PCB fabrication processes. Boards that are in accordance with this standard are designed to be safe, reliable, and maintain a long life cycle. Bittele can fabricate and assemble boards that have an IPC class 3 requirement.

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