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Making Use of Bittele’s Turnkey Services

In order to provide the utmost convenience, Bittele Electronics offers both Full Turnkey and Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly services. Our quality-driven one-stop solutions ensure a straightforward process, resulting in the best possible end-products for our clients. We want to encourage all of our clients to take advantage of these options in order to get the best possible value for their projects, so this article is dedicated to explaining our Turnkey services.

Our Full Turnkey service comes standard with every aspect of board-level production, including DFM Checking, Parts Procurement, PCB Fabrication, Electrical Testing, DFA Checking, PCB Assembly, Final Inspection / Testing, and Shipping. We turn your PCB Design Files into a fully functional circuit board, from start to finish. This streamlined service means you never have to worry about shopping around for the best price on components, tracking multiple shipments, or managing relationships with multiple contractors. We also offer online order tracking and a database of Free Passive Components along with this service, as well as constant communication to keep you informed on the progress of your order at all times.

Partial Turnkey comes with all the advantages of our Full Turnkey service, but allows you the flexibility to send us certain parts from your BoM, rather than have our procurement team take care of the entire thing. Many clients take advantage of this service in order to make use of surplus stock they might have on hand from a previous project.

To get started on your Turnkey PCB project with Bittele today, just send your PCB Design Files to sales@7pcb.com, and let us know any relevant details about your project. One of our dedicated PCB specialists will be in touch right away to take you through the process.


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