How to control vendor markings on your PCB

There are a number of different vendor markings that may appear on a given PCB and sometimes this may not always be desirable. Some examples of vendor markings that could appear are PCB Manufacturer Logos, Manufacturing Date Codes, Electrical Testing Verification or Flame Rating (94-VO). It is possible to always have complete control over when and where these markings appear on your PCBs when working with Bittele Electronics.

Controlling which, where and how vendor markings appear on your PCB is quite simple. Bittele will always follow your instructions in this regard. In the case where you don’t want any vendor markings to appear at all on your board, your instructions may resemble “No vendor markings allowed”. Likewise, instructions such as “Vendor markings on bottom/top side only” or “Vendor markings in silkscreen only” will allow for us to only place the marking on your preferred side, or only on the silkscreen (with a copper feature being the less-used alternative for electrical reasons such as interference with antenna function). There are many other instructions that can be used to control the placement (or non-placement) of logos, the important thing is to make them clear in your files. If no instructions are given, the default markings that Bittele uses on our PCBs are our vendor logo and the date code. The location of these markings will be wherever there is enough space on the silkscreen.

It is important to note that if UL is a requirement then our PCB vendor logo is required as well. UL stands for “Underwriters Laboratories” and is dedicated to public safety. If requested that the logo not be included, this will certainly affect the UL compliance of that PCB.


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