How Bittele utilizes your Centroid file for PCB assembly

The Centroid/Pick and Place files are essential in the PCB assembly process. It typically contains the BOM line number, Reference designator, XYZ coordinates, and the part number for every component on the board.

The image below is an excerpt of a Centroid file:

Figure 1: Example Centroid File.

The Centroid files are mandatory for our SMT Placement machine and Our Selective Soldering Machine. Before the assembly process begins, the PnP files are cross referenced with the gerbers as seen below:

Figure 2: PnP files and Gerbers being cross referenced.

PCBs are usually made in panels. Since the PnP files are for one individual board, the operator will need to calibrate the SMT machine to use the origin of the panel for assembly. Below is an image of a panelized board and its origin:

Figure 3: Image of a panelized board and its origin.

It is also important to continuously update the Pick and place files after every change is made on the board.

There are special cases where we are able to assemble boards without the PnP files, but that is determined on a case by case basis.

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