The Future of Embedded Passive Components

Embedded passive components are likely to be an important innovation in electronic design in the near future. The primary benefits of these components is that they may cost less, and take up less space. In addition, there is a possibility that bypass capacitors can be placed nearer to the ideal location. At the moment, few assembly houses can manufacture PCBs with embedded passives.

Embedded passives are resistors or capacitors built into the inner Cu layers of the substrate. Plating, printing or thin-film technology are the three ways embedded passives are built into substrates. But inside the PCB negate, resistors and caps needed to be placed on the outside. One issue with embedded passives is that rework may be a problem. But as far as PCB assembly processes, embedded passives do not change the overall production processes. If there are special temperature requirements needed when using embedded passives, the assembly house should be made aware of these requirements.


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