FR-4 Prepreg/Bonding Stage Material Description and Dimension

To produce multiplayer PCBs a bonding material called prepreg or B-stage is utilized. B-stage bonding material types such as 106, 1080, 2113, 2116 and 7628 glass styles are employed by many board fabricators.

Base materials are the same as the prepreg properties after the full cure process.

The number of plies and the types of prepreg that can be used between each board layer have some limitations. Therefore, it is critical to confer with the application engineers of your PCB fabrication company to learn about these limitations.

pressed thickness Similar types of prepreg thickness dimensions include GETEK®, Rogers®, FR-406 and FR-408. To obtain the exact prepreg thickness information, confer with the application engineer of your PCB board fabricator.


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