Double-Sided Circuit Board Assembly

Bittele Electronics provides double-sided printed circuit board assembly services as per customer specifications. Double-sided assembly is a time consuming process, as it involves repetition of the entire parts-placement process on both sides of the PCB. Despite the complexity of double-sided assembly, Bittele offers the service for the satisfaction of our consumers and many of them contact us to obtain cost advantages along with the high quality services Bittele provides.

We have an involved, intelligent, and hard-working team available to deliver important and critical double-sided PCB assembly services. Our capabilities include assembling of through-hole components (THT), surface-mount components (SMT), mixed technology components (THT and SMT), double-sided mixed technology, double-sided SMT assembly, high density pin connectors, 0201 package sizes or big size components, etc. for the desired volume.

We provide double-sided PCB assembly services for prototype as well as small and medium quantity orders. We also have the capability to offer 2-sided assemblies for other volumes as well. The complete details of our service capabilities can be obtained from our staff. After learning your requirements, we will provide you the required services along with lead-free processing.

We are skilled in lead-free processing for two-sided PCB assembly. But, we provide lead-free soldering only upon your specific instructions. In order to give you this exclusive service, we have created two dedicated production lines. We employ expert engineers and have trained them to execute production processes as per RoHS soldering guidelines.

Smooth coordination can be ensured by our team by telephone or email. Our technical support is available from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. You can also email us at


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