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Discounted Turnkey PCBA for Canadian Clients

Proudly based in Toronto Canada, Bittele Electronics is currently offering discounts on Turnkey services to our fellow Canadian companies. We offer this service to help mitigate the price difference between the Canadian dollar and the US dollar, as well as to thank our Canadian client for their business. As the majority of our clients are generally from the United States, by default, we will usually quote all orders in USD. However, we can also always quote in Canadian dollars upon request.

There is no action required for Canadian companies to receive the discount. All Canadian companies will be automatically enrolled in this discount program. It is important to note that regardless of your chosen currency, the discounted price will remain the same. If you prefer to pay in USD, the discounted USD price is what you would pay. If CAD currency is chosen, the discounted USD price is what will be converted to CAD. The rate at which the currency will be exchanged is based on current global rate between CAD and USD at the time of the quote. There are no additional charges for making the conversion.

Your order will still be fabricated and assembled to the highest level of quality, and include our value-added services such as a free DFM checks and our free passive parts program.


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