Corrective Actions in Online Orders

For clients moving forward with an online order, staying alert to the emails sent throughout the ordering process is crucial. Please carefully review and respond to the emails to avoid any delays with the order. One of the initial emails you might come across is the “Corrective Action Email.”

Once payment is processed and files are submitted, our team thoroughly examines the specifications against your provided files. This includes considering material, copper weight, dimensions, THT, SMT, and layers. If the changes are minimal, no corrective action is needed, ensuring a seamless continuation of your order. However, if discrepancies are identified, a Corrective Action Email will be promptly sent to your inbox.

Possible Scenarios Requiring Actions:

In the Corrective Action email, you will find details about discrepancies in the files and the information entered online. You will have three options to choose from for the order. It's crucial to promptly select the appropriate action for the seamless progression of the order.
  • Agreement on Discrepancy
  • If you agree with the discrepancies outlined in the email, you may proceed by initiating the 'Submit a Payment' action. This step is pivotal in covering the associated costs of the identified changes, thereby facilitating a swift and streamlined progression of the order.
  • Disagreement on Discrepancy
  • If you disagree with the discrepancies listed in the email, you can choose the 'Cancel Order' option to cancel the order and conclude the process. Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to start a new order, feel free to reach out to if you would like to further discuss these options.
  • Ignoring the Discrepancy
  • Some discrepancies, such as holes under thermal pads, could’ve been counted as VIA on pads, and this would be changed to no. In such instances, the order can continue as is, but you will need to select the "Re-Upload Gerber" option to maintain accuracy and ensure the continuation of the order.
It’s important to note that these emails are exclusive to the order-placed email, with the link securely tied to the associated email. Again, once you receive a Corrective Action Email, it’s imperative to promptly choose the appropriate action for the seamless progression of your order.


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