Turnkey Prototype Assembly

As a leader in quick-turn PCB assembly services, Bittele Electronics specializes in prototype assembly. With the same level of quality and dedication that we deliver with our low- and medium-volume production services, we pride ourselves in providing the tools necessary for clients to transform circuit board design ideas hassle-free, from the drawing board to the final product. And through our turnkey prototype assembly service, our goal is to help ease the path for our clients to achieve their goals.

As with our complete PCB assembly service, prototype assembly includes everything our clients have come to expect of our turnkey PCB service, from parts procurement and circuit board fabrication, to electrical testing, assembly and final testing. Regardless of the complexity of the board, or type of parts to be used, we treat all prototypes with the same level of quality and scrutiny as a final production design, while placing a heavy emphasis on the elimination of design flaws before fabrication.

Our team of experts are glad to assist at every step of the way, by easing the research and development stage beyond our resources on design for manufacturability and design for assembly. Before PCB fabrication begins, our engineers closely examine every aspect of the prototype’s design for manufacturability issues, as part of our standard DFM validation that comes with all of our full PCB services. And if any issues are discovered, the client will be consulted as to any approaches needed to rectify them. Production will proceed only when all design issues have been resolved and full approval is received from the client.

After fabrication, the prototype circuit boards are then assembled following the same processes and quality checks that our clients have come to expect from our one-stop PCB service for low- and medium-volume production. We apply our first article inspection procedure on all prototype PCBs and, should our clients wish, we will also deliver high resolution images as part of our first article sampling service. All surface-mount assemblies will also go through 3D solder paste inspection and 3D automated optical inspection, before all parts are finally soldered onto the boards. Should the prototypes also contain BGA parts, each circuit board will undergo X-ray inspection.

Thanks to stringent quality assurance process and our UL certification, our clients also receive the peace of mind that their prototype circuits, as with our full PCB service, are tested for fitness of use, electrical safety and rigorously verified for quality assurance purposes. Whether the prototype circuit board is a simple design, or requires impedance control, high density interconnections and other features typical of more complex designs, we guarantee that our turnkey prototype assembly service will simplify the entire research and development process, while removing the hassle of DFM validation, parts procurement and assembly.

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