UL Certification

Our PCB fabrication facility follows a UL-796 certified manufacturing process. Bittele has been certified under the UL Category ZPMV2 and our UL identification number is E497924.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has provided certification for product safety since 1984. Their goal is to promote safe, secure, and sustainable environments for living and working conditions. They also support environmentally safe production and the advancement of safety science. The UL marking is considered acceptable proof that a product meets Canadian and American safety requirements and is a recognized symbol of product safety. Products need to meet UL safety requirements before they can be marketed and sold in the United States of America as per U.S. product safety requirements.

Our PCBs are authorized to be used in UL approved products. Unless requested otherwise, we will print UL 94V-0 markings on your PCB alongside other information required for UL certification. This additional information includes the manufacturer’s code (7pcb) and the date-code. You can select if you would like these markings applied to your PCBs in the “Advanced Specs” section of our Online Ordering Engine:

ul certification

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