Low-cost PCB Assembly

Since 2003, Bittele Electronics, Inc. has offered rapid, low-cost, and dependable printed circuit board assembly services that fulfill the quickly changing business requirements of the electronics industry. Located in Shenzhen, China and Toronto, Canada, Bittele's PCB assembly services are used by a wide range of clients, from start-ups that may need an inexpensive prototype PCB to an electronics company that needs a manufacturing partner capable of high-quality printed circuit board production runs.

Bittele Electronics has achieved certifications ISO13485 and ISO9001:2015 and is in compliance with IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610. As a certified Turn-key PCB manufacturer, it is highly capable of managing the complete PCB assembly process, spanning parts procurement, printed circuit board fabrication, parts assembly, electrical testing and integrated circuit programming. Bittele Electronics procures the finest electronic parts from low-cost superior sources and leading worldwide distributors to meet the needs of prospective clients and ensure High-Quality PCB Assembly results. All procured parts are obtained from our customers' authorized suppliers and manufacturers.

Since our manufacturing house is located in China, Bittele customers can benefit from minimal manufacturing costs and a highly experienced staff when you need low cost customized PCB assembly services. Our services span the entire assembly process, from surface mount machine processing, through hole component assembly, and manual soldering for special parts. We use the latest electrical testing equipment to verify assembly quality. Moreover, to assist our clients' production orders, Bittele offers at no charge a design for manufacturing service that checks PCB manufacturability prior to assembly. While the manufacturing is accomplished in China, our main office in Canada ensures we stay current on the quality, as well as the standards of the North American marketplace, ensuring a transparent progression from the customer to the the assembly line.

To start benefitting from Bittele's cheap PCB fabrication and assembly services, you can use our new online ordering engine that allows you to enter turnkey PCB orders quickly. In less than 20 minutes, you can complete all the steps of the online ordering process, from PCB fabrication and assembly quotes through payment, benefitting from instant price cuts that are available with this ordering engine. The BOM pricing feature allows you to get the most discounts available for your order. To learn how to enter a PCB order online, please review our online ordering FAQ.

After inputting your order, a confirmation email will be sent to you that includes your order's details as well as the invoice. Your Gerber files, Bill-of-Materials and fabrication or assembly notes will be examined by our team in order to verify that no errors exist between your actual files and the data you entered into our online ordering system. If all information is correct, your order will be sent to our production team. On average, the turnaround time for an order is between 5 and 16 days. However, this time is dependent upon production volume and if you ordered or not our turnkey assembly services.

At Bittele, we realize that time is very important, as is the duty to make sure all work is achieved successfully to our clients’ requirements. Whether our customers are in Canada, America, or any other locations in the world, we emphasize quality assurance and customer satisfaction, as well as cost savings to best serve our customers’ needs. To learn more about our low-cost services, you can Contact Us by email at sales@7pcb.com, by toll-free telephone at 1-888-812-1949, or use our 24-hour Live Chat via our website at www.7pcb.com.

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