PCB Assembly in India

In 2003, Bittele Electronics Inc. launched its company in Canada, with the objective of addressing the rapidly changing demands of the electronics business by providing quick, reliable and economically priced PCB assembly and manufacturing services in India. Since then Bittele has acquired a broad range of customers for its international and offshore printed circuit board assembly service in India's major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Its customers include start-up companies who need low-priced prototypes to top electronics companies requiring high-quality PCBs produced in large quantities.

Bittele Electronics fulfills its customers’ orders through worldwide teams located at its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and its sales office in Delhi, India, taking advantage of the experience of its associates in both locations. The benefit of having an office in India allows Bittele’s customers’ access to low-priced PCB assembly services, as well as knowledgeable associates who can implement specialized services. Production quality is guaranteed through a wide range of state-of-the-art assembly machinery, including surface mount processing, through-hole part assembly, manual soldering for designated components, and electrical testing. Beyond its production capabilities, Bittele has other services that benefit the PCB production demands of its customers, such as a no-cost design for manufacturing (DFM) service that enhances manufacturability. While the DFM service and BOM quoting is accomplished in India, Bittele's Canadian-based corporate office serves its customers by assuring production quality, as well as compliance with North American standards, which provides Bittele's customers a seamless workflow from order entry through PCB fabrication and production at its assembly houses.

New clients can take advantage of Bittele's PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services in two convenient ways. The first way is Bittele's free online PCB quote calculator, which gives a new client a way to get a price quote estimate quickly when they provide PCB specifications using the online calculator. This is a convenient way to get an initial estimate on assembly requirements while at the same time giving them time for necessary planning and decision-making. Then, Bittele's sales and engineering teams located in India can give a new client a detailed quote within 24 hours. Detailed quotes will offer an examination of Gerber files, bill of materials (BOM), and desired quantity of PCBs. It will also spell out the price points for typical PCB quantities from 10 to several thousand PCBs.

Bittele Electronics has a commitment to quality, client satisfaction and competitively low-pricing, from first contact by email through the shipping of the assembled PCBs. Bittele's objective is to be the premier PCB assembly manufacturer in India. If you desire to work with a low to mid-volume PCB manufacturer, feel free to call us. In addition, if you are seeking a partner to assist you in finalizing a PCB prototype below budget, feel free to call us, too. Our sales reps can be contacted by our website, email sales@7pcb.com, or telephone toll-free at 1-888-812-1949. We are always desiring to learn about our customers PCB assembly projects and helping them with their PCB assembly and design.

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