Offshore Turn-key PCB Assembly Services

To respond to the quickly changing needs of the electronics industry, Bittele Electronics Inc., based in Shenzhen, China and Toronto, Canada, started its business in 2003 with the goal of offering fast, dependable and low-cost printed circuit board assembly services. Over the past 15 years it has developed a wide ranging customer base for its overseas and offshore PCB assembly services, including start-ups desiring a low-cost prototype to an electronics company needing high-quality printed circuit boards at full-scale production.

No matter what the job, Bittele Electronics works to go beyond a client's expectations wherever they are in the world. Its mission is to be the global industry leader in PCB assembly and turnkey production services. It has the capabilities to answer the requirements of all present and future customers. And it’s capable of handling the entire PCB assembly process, spanning parts procurement, PCB fabrication, parts assembly, electrical testing, and IC programming.

Bittele Electronics accomplishes customer requirements through a global collaboration between the Bittele Electronics Inc. corporate headquarters based in Toronto, CA and its PCB manufacturing house in Shenzhen, China, leveraging the talents of employees in both facilities. By locating its production house in China, Bittele customers benefit from low assembly costs, and experienced employees who can offer customized services. To ensure production quality, its capabilities include surface mount machine processing, through-hole part assembly, manual soldering for special components, and electrical testing using state of the art testing equipment. In addition, there are other services it provides to address the production needs of its clients. Bittele offers a no-charge design for manufacturing (DFM) service to improve PCB manufacturability. While the PCB production and manufacturing is performed in China, Bittele's Toronto-based corporate headquarters functions to ensure product quality and maintaining North American market standards. This permits it to provide clients a smooth transition from order entry to PCB fabrication and assembly at its production facilities.

There are two ways for new customers to benefit from all the PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services that Bittele Electronics, Inc. provides. To begin, its free online PCB quote calculator gives a customer a means to obtain initial price quotes by only inputting PCB specifications into the online calculator. This is an easy way for customers to get immediate idea on assembly requirements and provide them additional time to pay attention to their decision-making planning. Next, our sales and electronic engineering teams are available to give customers more detailed price quotes within 24 hours. These detailed quotes typically include an analysis of PCB Gerber files, bill of materials (BOM), and desired quantity of PCBs. Our detailed quote will also indicate the price points for standard PCB production quantities between ten to several thousand. For instance, if you want to produce a small 1.5 x 2.7in bare PCB, the cost can be as little as $200 USD for up to 10 units, depending on the design. The cost for full turnkey assembly, consisting of PCB manufacturing, parts assembly, electrical testing, IC programming, and functionality testing of the same board and quantity, can begin at $1100 USD. This service gives most customers a more efficient electronics development process from concept to manufactured PCB.

To begin the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, a client needs to review the quotation, select a production quantity, and submit payment. Once Bittele receives payment, it will transfer the manufacturing information from its headquarters in Toronto to its production facility in Asia. The usual turnaround time, depending on production volume and whether the customer has requested turnkey assembly service, is between 5 and 16 days. But customers can request specific turnaround times, when necessary.

The work that Bittele does for its clients is based on a commitment to quality assurance, customer satisfaction and cost saving, starting from our first contact with the client by email to the delivery of its manufactured product. Our ultimate goal is to be the leading manufacturer for PCB assembly in Canada, US, Europe and Asia. If you need a low to mid-volume PCB manufacturer, please contact us. If you need a partner to help you complete your PCB prototype under budget, please contact us, as well. Our sales representatives can be contacted via our website, by email at, or by telephone toll-free at 1-888-812-1949. We are interested in learning about your PCB assembly needs and assisting you in realizing your PCB assembly design.

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