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PCB Assembly in Canada

Bittele Electronics has been an industry leader in PCB Assembly services since 2003. With our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, we have been able to serve a wide variety of clients from across North America, and we are excited to announce that we have news for that valued client base: in 2019, Bittele is set to open a state-of-the-art PCB Assembly facility locally, in Canada!

We are bringing our years of industry experience and expertise into this new endeavour, so as our client, you can expect the same top-level quality at the lowest cost that you know from our existing operations. Not only that, with PCB Assembly in Canada, we will be able to offer even faster turnaround times for our North American clients, as well as additional services! Jobs such as assembly-only, with pre-fabricated boards, will be much more viable without the need for overseas shipping to our existing facility, and rework jobs such as BGA Reballing will see this benefit as well.

International shipping often requires additional time and cost, and import / export considerations are sometimes difficult and time-consuming. With our new Canadian PCB Assembly operations, our North American PCB Assembly clients need not worry about these concerns, and our Parts Management service will be even more efficient. Not to mention the fact that, with local operations, everything will be happening on your time schedule, and we can get in touch with our clients for feedback in real time. With PCB Assembly in Canada, site visits and facility tours will also be much easier for our North American clients, so you can more easily see for yourself that your partner in PCB Assembly is working with the best equipment to get your PCB Assembly project done right.

Rest assured that our existing operations will remain in place, so you can continue to receive the same great PCB Fabrication and Turnkey PCB Assembly services you’re used to finding from Bittele. This new Canadian PCB Assembly facility will only allow our clients more options for their PCB needs. We will of course hold to all of the same robust North American Quality Management standards at all of our locations, so you never have to worry about which facility is right for your complex projects. All of our meticulous verification methods, such as X-Ray Inspection or Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), will be made available at our new location for your convenience. As our client, you only stand to gain from Bittele’s PCB Assembly in Canada.

If you find yourself with any questions about this exciting new chapter in Bittele’s professional story, or to send your PCB Design Files and get started on a project with Bittele, please feel free to Contact Us any time. You can reach one of our PCB experts any time over email at, or call us toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.

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