Metal-Core PCBs

For printed circuit boards with very high thermal demands, PCB designers often elect to use a metal-core PCB in place of standard PCB Materials, such as FR4. At Bittele Electronics, we provide our clients with professional metal-core PCB solutions, including Aluminum Core PCB and Copper Core PCB options. These options are available as an option for our PCB Fabrication service, including our Complete PCB Assembly option, and fabrication with metal core PCBs will not disrupt the remainder of the PCB Assembly Process.

Metal-core PCBs are often used to conduct heat away from vital components in high power designs. In designs with large components that handle heavy processing, such as BGA Assembly projects, heat considerations are nothing short of critical, so many engineers find metal core PCBs to be a valuable tool for managing temperature gradients on their boards. Bittele’s meticulous North American PCB Quality Management standards guarantee that your metal-core PCBs will be treated to the same High-Quality PCB Fabrication and High-Quality PCB Assembly that you expect from all of your experiences with us.

Bittele generally produces metal-core PCBs with core PCB Thickness from 0.031” to 0.125”, but we can also accommodate designs with thicknesses outside this range in many cases. We also provide a variety of options for copper weight on your metal core PCBs, including Heavy Copper PCBs up to 10 oz.

Aluminum cores are the most common among metal-core PCBs for their high heat conductance and relatively low cost. Aluminum is also non-toxic and recyclable, making these boards an extremely environmentally friendly option, which agrees nicely with our general ethos of Lead-Free PCB Assembly and other environmentally conscious practices. Moreover, aluminum is a lightweight but extremely durable material for PCB fabrication. Some PCB designers elect to use an aluminum core PCB for these features even when they do not require the metal core for its heat transfer characteristics.

For all of the above advantages, metal core PCBs are commonly used in applications such as power supplies, high-power amplifiers for audio or RF devices, motor drivers, commercial lighting, and automotive PCBs.

If you find yourself with any further questions about metal-core PCBs, or to find out if a metal core is right for your PCB project, feel free to get in touch with us!

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