Solder Reflow and Inspection Area

After having passed through our surface mount production lines, every SMT circuit board we produce in Bittele is fed into our solder reflow ovens. Our reflow ovens can be adjusted for any thermal profile, to work on anything from the most basic SMT boards to high-density interconnect (HDI) and BGA assemblies. Within a matter of minutes, every surface mount component is affixed onto each PCB before undergoing visual inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI) and, in the case of BGA assemblies, x-ray inspection.

Our technicians then examine each PCB that comes out of the reflow ovens for any quality issues relating to the PCB’s fitness. The solder mask and joints are examined visually, before being examined more closely under our AOI machines, to ensure that every component has been properly soldered onto the PCB without electrical shorts, open connections, or other defects. In the case of HDI and BGA assemblies with hidden solder joints, they are examined more closely with our x-ray inspection machine.

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