Shipping Office

Once every PCB assembled in Bittele has met our standards of quality, each order is brought to the shipping office for packaging. As with all other areas of our production facility, our shipping staff follows the same strict rules with regards to anti-static precautions, to ensure that no circuit board will ever leave our facility in a defective state.

All boards are transported from the final inspection lab, directly to the shipping office in static-safe trays, in which our staff will package smaller boards into static shielding bags, or larger boards into static-safe foam and wrapped with anti-static bubble wrap. Any adhesive tape for use with our packaging methods is also anti-static. No matter the size or shape of the PCB, every board is packaged with anti-static precautions in mind, before ever being placed inside of a box.

Every box we use is made of heavy-duty cardboard, to maximize protection for all circuit boards from physical impact during shipping. However, our staff will also line the inside of each box with anti-static bubble wrap, not only to increase protection from physical impact, but to add further protection from static discharge. The same level of care taken at every step of assembly is also taken when packaging every order.

Then, a waybill label is printed for every package, including courier tracking numbers that are sent to our clients. This label is stuck on the outside of the box, alongside an adhesive packing envelope with a shipping manifest, for courier use. Any additional documentation requested by our clients may be included inside the box.

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