Selective Soldering Area

Here in Bittele, we understand how complex circuit board fabrication can be. Our technical team is highly adept at handling not only surface mount components, but through-hole (THT) components using our selective soldering machine, as well as our manual soldering stations.

The wave soldering machine, like the rest of our equipment in our SMT production lines, is programmed with the help of our clients’ CAD files, which tell the machine at which points on the PCB to apply solder onto. With the help of a first article board, our technicians will apply solder-resistant tape onto all points that are supposed to accept solder and, through the use of the machine’s built-in camera, adjustments can be made to the system’s programming to ensure accurate results.

As the system is being adjusted, our technical staff populate all PCBs with their THT parts, already sorted by our parts team to match not only the correct order, but also the correct position on the board as per the design’s reference designators. As each board has been populated, they are fitted onto a conveyor belt and undergo soldering within a matter of minutes, resulting in a consistent soldering job for every THT component on every board. The boards are then sent for visual inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI) to ensure all solder joints are perfect.

For more complex designs where a human touch is required, we have five workbenches, each equipped with manual soldering tools and occupied by a skilled technician. No matter how difficult it may be to automate the assembly of THT components, we can overcome such difficulties with ease, speed and the utmost level of quality.

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