Parts Warehouse

We at Bittele have a dedicated team of material handlers, whose specialty is the processing, sorting and storage of components which we receive from our global distributors. After our sales team has confirmed the cost of a client’s bill of materials (BOM) and all other issues have been rectified, the BOM is sent to our parts team for procurement, where each part is ordered through our recommended (and cost-effective) channels and compiled into our customer orders database, including part numbers and quantities, distributor order numbers and our client’s order number.

Upon receiving the parts, our parts team will open each parcel and begin processing each component, ensuring that part numbers and order quantities match out clients’ orders. The parts are weighed, tagged, and stored in our shelves until they are ready for installation onto PCBs, either through our surface mount (SMT) production lines, or through our selective soldering processes.

When the time has come to populate an order of PCBs, each SMT part is brought out of storage and prepared for use with our pick-and-place machines; as such components are typically shipped in tape reels, our technicians feed each reel into specialized cartridges for use with the pick-and-place machines. As for populating PCBs with through-hole parts, our parts team organizes the parts for use with our selective soldering machine or manual soldering workbenches, where each part can then be installed and soldered.

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