Final Inspection Lab

We at Bittele have implemented rigorous measures to ensure the quality of all PCBs we manufacture and assemble. No matter what processes we use for assembly, no matter how many times they have been checked during each process, every board we produce and assemble is destined for our dedicated inspection laboratory. Once there, every PCB undergoes thorough cleaning, visual inspection for any defects that may have been missed during previous processes and an electrical test.

Our quality assurance team cleans every circuit board using cleaning agents that leave behind no toxic residues, to ensure that every PCB complies with all environmental directives & is fit for safe end-user application. During this time, all chemical residues resulting from our production processes will be cleansed, after which the boards can be thoroughly inspected.

Firstly, our staff visually inspects any clearly visible solder joints for connection quality. Then, all copper traces are checked visually for any connection issues, before undergoing electrical testing. The electrical test includes not only our functional testing (FCT) services, but any other test procedures that our clients may wish us to fulfill on their behalf.

Any boards that have been deemed defective during an electrical test will be sent back to our assembly team, to rectify all electrical defects found. Any cosmetic issues that may be discovered are also pointed out to our assembly team and repaired. Once all issues have been rectified, each board then undergoes another cleaning and is inspection again; only when every board has successfully met our quality standards, will the order be packaged and made ready to ship.
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