Tube and Tray Component Packaging

Tube and Tray component packaging styles are similar in that they allow for the safe storage and transport of larger parts that do not fit comfortably in Tape-and-Reel Packaging. Compared to Bulk Packaging, where the components are stored loose in a bag or box, Tube and Tray packaging is certainly preferable in terms of security during transportation. These packaging styles also allow for more efficient PCB Assembly by Bittele’s Pick & Place machines, so if you have the option to choose between Bulk or Tray / Tube packaging, it is highly recommended that you select the latter in nearly any circumstance.

Both Tube and Tray packaging describe a storage system where a plastic carrier is used to hold your electronic components in such a way that they are isolated from one another as well as the outside environment. This might seem like a minor advantage to those used to dealing with bags of parts in the lab on a day-to-day basis, but the added protection of that plastic shield can work wonders for component durability during shipping and receiving. This added durability allows for lower levels of production loss, and the end result is that fewer components must be purchased for the same number of finished PCBs.

Thanks to Bittele’s flexible and efficient PCB Assembly Process, your order will not see any increase in cost or Turnaround Time due to the presence of Tube or Tray packaged components, compared with common Tape and Reel parts.

Altogether, Tray and Tube packaging are a great option for those larger components, in terms of both security and efficiency. From both the client’s and the PCB Assembly service provider’s point of view, it is fairly unquestionable that these packaging styles are superior to the simpler Bulk packaging method.

If you find yourself with any further questions about Tray or Tube packaging in your Turnkey PCB Assembly project, please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience. We can be reached over email at, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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