RS274x Gerber Files

At Bittele electronics, we use the ViewMate software to review our clients Gerber files. The format that we require to view your files are either in RS-274x format, or ODB++ format (with ODB++ format generally consisting of a “project.tgz” file). This software allows us to view your Gerber files and thus help us to generate your quote. From time to time we encounter clients who aren’t 100% familiar with the format and may try to send us their Altium, Eagle, or KiCad files. Unfortunately, we are unable to use those files and request that they are first converted into the proper RS-274x format. We have guides that will help assist those who use these programs for their designs at the following links: Altium, Eagle, KiCad. Following these guides will assist those who need help in converting their files to our accepted format.

What is RS-274x format?

Also known as “Extended Gerber”, this format is the current standard Gerber file format that is used. The previous standard was RS-274-D, however, it is now an obsolete format that has been revoked. The standard file extension for RS-274x is.GBR or .gbr, however other extensions may also be used. When it comes to PCB fabrication data, Gerber is used. A specialized Electronic Design Automation (EDA) or a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system are used to design PCBs. The data that is typically contained in a Gerber file is the CAD systems output PCB fabrication data. This includes each image layer (copper layers solder mask, silkscreen layers etc.). It is important to send us your Gerber files in the correct format that will allow us to open and inspect your files using ViewMate.


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