Rogers’s Material Selection

What is Rogers Material?

Rogers Advanced connectivity solutions (ACS) is the World’s leading manufacturer of high-performance dielectrics, laminates, and Prepregs used most commonly in microwave and RF printed circuit boards (High Frequency).

Different kinds of Roger’s materials

Rogers produces several variants of the laminates listed below. At the end of each section, there is a link to the website with a complete list of all the laminates and their variations. After selecting a substrate please contact a member of our sales team for availability and pricing.


RO3000 Laminates are ceramic filled PTFE composites intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications. R03000 series laminates are circuit materials with very consistent mechanical properties regardless of the dielectric constant selected. Due to this characteristic, when designing multi-layer boards with varying dielectric constants, there will be very little issues if any at all The dielectric constant VS temperature of RO3000 series materials is very stable.

RO3000 laminates also are available in a wide range of dielectric constants (3.0 to 10.2).

The most common applications are in surface mount RF components, GPS antennas, and power amplifiers.

For a complete list of all R3000 laminates.


RO4000 laminates and prepregs possess favourable properties that are highly useful in microwave circuits and instances where controlled impedance is needed. This series of laminates are very price optimized and are also fabricated using standard FR4 processes which makes it suitable for multi-layer PCBs. Additionally, it can be processed lead-free.

The series of RO4000 laminates offer a range of dielectric constants (2.55-6.15) and are available with UL 94 V-0 flame retardant versions.

The most popular applications of this are in RFID chips, power amplifiers, and automotive radars and sensors.

For a complete list of all RO4000 Laminates.


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