Lead-Free Manufacturing Processes At No Extra Cost

How can lead-free processes help your design and the environment? Here at Bittele Electronics, we strive to provide the highest level of quality with your finished boards. We accomplish this while also offering a 100% lead-free assembly process at no extra cost to our clients! We only use RoHS compliant materials.

As of February 2003, the European Union has adopted the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 1) standards. It became effective on July 1, 2006, due to the growing concern for the disposal and decomposition of circuit boards. Harmful substances such as hydrochloric acid gases and dioxin are easily produced through the process of burning hazardous materials. This becomes an issue when we consider that when electronic waste has met the end of their life service, their disposal is most commonly done by incineration. Bioaccumulation becomes the focus when considering human and environmental health concerns.

The threshold according to the RoHS directive is defined as 0.1 weight percent, so long as it is not intentionally introduced. Please note that this is not the total mass percentage of the finished product, but instead the limit for each individual component lead (for example, plastics, solder, fibers etc.). There are 8 categories that cover the products generally used by the common public: Small household appliances, Large household appliances, Telecommunication and IT equipment, Consumer equipment, Lighting equipment, Electrical and electronic tools, Toys (leisure and sports included), and Automatic dispensers.

As the use of lead-free circuit assemblies becomes mandatory, Bittele already provides facilities that are 100% lead-free. Be at ease to know Bittele is more than capable and qualified to serve as your lead-free circuit board assembly facility, passing superior quality and savings along to you.


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