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How Do I Need To Supply My Components?

Bittele Electronics can be conveniently located in Canada. So you need not worry about supplying components to us. Customers from different places contact us and raise a query as to how they can supply components to Bittele. However, you can simply dispatch your parts to our head-office.

You can send the components through your preferred available channels. Customers from different locations can send the components to our office by means of convenient mode of channels. Also you can consign the parts by making use of our FedEx, UPS account. This helps to reduce the shipping charges and the consignment hassles are managed by our team. Additionally you can coordinate with us, and get the information regarding the method of sending components for multiple jobs.

Customers are normally required to use individual kits for different jobs. This is important because the components for multiple jobs in one same box leads to unnecessary hassles. We have to engage an additional workforce to bifurcate them which may lead to delay and increase in cost. Also you should be careful while dispatching parts for multiple jobs in one box. In case, the same components are used for different jobs, then every bag, tray, etc. should have a clear indication with respect to component number, reference designators which should match with the details in your bill of materials.

Bittele generally needs 5 % or 5 supplementary parts for every order. Besides, if you would like to know other details regarding the exact number of component requirements and the mode of dispatch, the information can be received from our executives.

Extra care should be taken while dispatching surface mount (SMT) components. SMT parts should be sealed firmly when dispatching to us, because sending them loose may result in parts damage and further delay the production. Customers should send the moisture sensitive parts in moisture-proof packaging and static components in anti-static packaging to save them from damage.

It is advisable to have the strips loose in the package rather than taped to a paper or a paperboard. If the strips are taped, then they will not be usable by the machines. Our experts will guide you through the entire process while sending the components; you just need to inform us on sales@7pcb.com.


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